Fresh Ginger, Ginger Ale

The AuLife Story

AuLife brings together the foods and fruits from the warm northern sun Down Under.  Still fresh to Australia, I’ve imported experienced eyes and buds from foodie cities I’ve live in, from Vancouver to Hong Kong, to New York and Beijing. Having pioneered an award-winning Italian restaurant in Beijing with a Michelin 2-star Chef based in Milan, I understand the challenge of sourcing quality ingredients.  I also understand what Australia has to offer.

Not only people, but animals and vegetation reap the benefits of this land – the clean air, translucent waters, and green culture. The results are some exquisite food products worthy to cross north of the equator.

I have set on a mission to make the most unique and of highest quality foods available to the rest of the world, traipsing each alley and farm, sifting through this continent, for its finest crafted ingredients. AuLife has an uncompromising commitment to quality, and has enlisted field experts on some journeys. AuLife products fire imagination, challenge tastes, and turn preparing dinner into a fun and creative adventure.

AuLife is about inspiring great cooking, it's as simple as that.

Melissa Wong, Founder

Jenny Polack

Jenny fell into the wine industry over 28 years ago. She worked in and managed fine wine shops in Melbourne before taking up formal study including the Associate Diploma in Wine Marketing (Adelaide University) and the prestigious OIV Master of Science (Wine Business).

After branching out to work in other parts of the wine industry, she moved into the wine education sector. She is intensely proud of her previous students, some of which are working in top restaurants, marketing their own wines or working in other responsible positions.  Many consumers, who attended her courses, are just enjoying wine more than before.

In 2002 Jenny was introduced to tasting olive oil. Using her existing sensory evaluation skills, she completed the Savantes Oil Qualifier Course as well as all the Australian Olive Association courses.  She is currently a member of the Australian Olive Association - Victoria Sensorial Panel.

Although the wine industry takes most of her time, she has helped a couple of growers with blending their extra virgin olive oil. Her love of good olive oil has made it a joy to work with Melissa in sourcing these exciting products.